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The Journal 0.0

If anyone reading this is at all interested in writing, and if any of those people are at all similar to me, then, like me, they probably want to know strange pieces of information like: How did you get an agent? How many pages do you write a day? Do you write on a laptop … Continue reading »


The Genuine Secret to Success?

Just because you write a book and get it published does not automatically make you a great writer. It makes you a published writer. There are doubtless many unpublished writers who are great, just as there are many published writers who are not. At this early stage in my writing career it would be arrogant, … Continue reading »


Nintendo are ruining my life.

There have always been things that have distracted me from my work. At school it was always sunshine and girls (not necessarily both at the same time). If either of those came out to play then I was sure to follow (even if it did mean getting burned). Since then I have compiled quite a … Continue reading »


Welcome to the Beginning

Here are my goals for this blog: Write a blog Read other blogs (including my wife’s one) Talk about anything that strikes me (and hopefully you too) as interesting Try to include a variety of content, like: Stuff for other writers – My writing process, a diary of my experiences during the publication of my … Continue reading »

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