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Last Week’s Tweets

I feel very honoured to appear TWICE in @sisterspooky‘s top 10 BIRBOAB thingy list! # I’m doing a signing @ Warrington Waterstones on Sat (11 – 3pm). It’d be really cool if every single person ever could come @WaterstonesWire # “@welovethisbook: Best or worst book title ever? David Prowse’s autobiography… ‘Straight from the Force’s … Continue reading »


My (weird) 1st (pukey) Official (anal-ish) Book Signing (thing)

I was expecting my first ever proper book signing in a real book shop to be kind of weird. And I wasn’t disappointed. The weirdest parts were probably these bits… The part when someone said to me “Stick it in the back, it’s tighter there.” The parts when I repeatedly had to talk people out of buying … Continue reading »


Treasure Hunt!

If you like collectible book memorabilia and you live in the Manchester area, then you are in for some fun! I spent all of Monday driving round six different bookshops, breaking in (through their open doors) and sneakily hiding 12 items of treasure in random copies of One Seriously Messed-Up Week. Each item of treasure … Continue reading »