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My Week By Numbers

New Things I Tried This Week: 3 Having a child free house for a whole night! Theo went for his first ever sleepover (he’s nearly 2). I got NINE hours straight! Green Tea flavoured Kit Kat. The entire thing was green! Tasted mostly of just wafer though. Going for a walk with no idea of … Continue reading »


It’s Official

I mentioned in an earlier post that Jack Samsonite 2 is being published in 2013. This was actually really hard for me to do because it was never actually a signed and sealed deal! I don’t think it’s because I’m a pessimist but more because I’m naturally cautious (‘If it seems too good to be true, then it … Continue reading »


Where do I disappear to? And where’s Jack 2?

Yes, even though I set out a new blogging rule for myself – ‘No rules’ – I still end up going weeks on end without writing a blog post. So where do I bugger off to in between? And why have I barely been on Twitter at all lately? Well, the answer is really very … Continue reading »


The Sequel (The Torture)

I am happy to announce that I am REALLY excited about the publication of ‘One Seriously Messed-Up Week…’ (11 days to go)! Unfortunately, hand in hand with that excitement, comes an equal amount of excruciating pant-crappings. But not about this book. I have been warned that writing book two can be tricky, and, to be … Continue reading »



Yes, ‘Woof!’ Why woof? Because, just when I was begining to think the country had been ‘cut’ and bled dry, I got a welcome surprise. When I applied to The Arts Coucil, UK, for their ‘Grants for the Arts’ scheme, I wasn’t really expecting to qualify. More often than not these kinds of applications come … Continue reading »


Threes and Firsts

The past few weeks has been all threes and firsts. I saw my first 3 reviews of my book, I did my first 3 interviews in 1 weekend, and I tried Rolo ice lollies for the first time (and ate 3 in 1 day)! Which is all really exciting… and kind of scary (apart from the … Continue reading »


Welcome to the Beginning

Here are my goals for this blog: Write a blog Read other blogs (including my wife’s one) Talk about anything that strikes me (and hopefully you too) as interesting Try to include a variety of content, like: Stuff for other writers – My writing process, a diary of my experiences during the publication of my … Continue reading »