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Jack Samsonite Interview #2

I was lucky enough to grab an interview with that Jack Samsonite kid, but I was so nervous at meeting a real life, barely-heard-of, gimpy little seventeen-year-old nobody celebrity that I couldn’t think of anything to say to him. Lucky for me you guys had already sent me some questions. Here it is… Me: We have … Continue reading »


Jack Samsonite – The Movie

When my first book came out I didn’t bother with a book trailer, mostly because I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I have learned a lot since then. I now know that I will never know what the hell I am doing, so I shouldn’t let that stop me. That is why … Continue reading »


One Seriously Messed-Up Weekend… Cover Reveal

BOOK TWO IS UNVEILED! I’m extremely pleased to announce that the cover for One Seriously Messed-Up Weekend is now on-line, and I REALLY like it! It’s designed by the same awesomeness behind the cover of book 1 ( who also designed the covers for Charlie Higson’s Young Bond and The Enemy books, Percy Jackson, Spud, and … Continue reading »


My Week By Numbers

New Things I Tried This Week: 3 Having a child free house for a whole night! Theo went for his first ever sleepover (he’s nearly 2). I got NINE hours straight! Green Tea flavoured Kit Kat. The entire thing was green! Tasted mostly of just wafer though. Going for a walk with no idea of … Continue reading »