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Confessions of a Naughty Australian Lady

This week’s amazing confessions come courtesy of Monique from (She’s also from other places – Australia, a womb… you name it, she’s been there. As long as you name Australia or a womb). She has VERY kindly written two stories for our reading pleasure. Read them, laugh, go ‘Ewww!’, then visit her blog (this recent post … Continue reading »


Confessions of a Naughty Boygirlmanwoman: Part 2

I should really just rename this feature ‘Embarrasing Stories’, because that’s really what we want to read, and that’s really what we’ve got. This first one is from Sister Spooky (Laura), who I can’t help just feeling sorry for! So I have real issues with public speaking and performing. I used to be fine with it … Continue reading »


Confessions of a Very Naughty Boygirlmanwoman

Part research, part for fun (or all for fun in the guise of research), I begin a new feature – Confessions. A completely anonymous outlet for all of the worst things you’ve ever done in your life (within reason. Please don’t make me puke). To get the ball rolling here are a few little gems … Continue reading »