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I Think I Love You… Australia!

I’m sure I shall be gushing my love for many other things/people/places in the weeks/months/years to come, so there’s a chance this ‘I Think I Love You…’ thing could turn into a feature. If it does, then Australia is the first of many, and for so many reasons… 1. It provided six of the best months … Continue reading »


And The Winner Is…

The Big Blog Giveaway has now closed and a winner has been randomly selected. Thank you to everyone who entered! If it is not your name written below I am sorry (I secretly hoped it would be you!) but do not despair because there is still ONE more week of giveaways to celebrate the last … Continue reading »


The Journal: 1

2006. After nearly a year of unemployment and making ends meet by selling a couple of paintings and working 1 day a week as an extra on Hollyoaks (stop laughing, we were desperate!) my plans to spend 6 months travelling Australia seemed to be growing increasingly unrealistic. Then, a strange little Swiss film called Max & Co. came … Continue reading »