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I didn’t enjoy this book all that much. Atomics review by Saaraa, age 14 (bless!)

Crude, honest, funny… a must for Inbetweeners fans. Daily Mail

  • 16/07/11 – Jack inspires Cicely to get gruff! ciclovesbooks Read the review
  • 15/07/11 – Atom release reviews from the army of teen reviewers The Atomics (these are priceless!) Read the reviews.

The diary and stream of consciousness genre has been done to death, especially in the teen section, but Clempson has pulled its limbs into the recovery position and forced fresh air down its neck. Hannah Writes Stuff

  • 4/07/11 – From my lovely local Raimy-Rawr at Read the review
  • 30/06/11 – My second review in a printed paper & ink publication magazine thing Flipside Magazine (sorry it’s a bit blurry. I never actualy got my hands on a copy of the mag, so stole this pic from someone else).
  • 21/06/11 – A great review from Empire of Books. Read the review

Seriously, a fantastic, brilliant book, that I can’t gush about it enough! Once Upon A Bookcase, June 2011

  • 5/06/11 – My first ever printed review was in an Australian magazine, Girlfriend (and they gave it 5 stars! I like them a lot)
  • 4/06/11 – Alice’s review for The Reader RoomRead the review
  • 31/05/11 – Jo, at Once Upon a Bookcase, is so nice, and she wrote a review to match!  Read the review

Wow! Awesome! Seriously… everyone should read it.

  • 31/05/11 – Times of Malta – Read the review
  • 31/05/11 – Goodreads reviews. You may find quite a few duplications of blog and Amazon reviews here, but I had to make a link (if only for myself) to my fellow Atom author, Amy Plum’s review (I feel very proud that I made her cry without the assistance of a sharp twig). Read the reviews

OSMUW is one seriously funny book. It had me laughing at practically every page, which is saying something. Books don’t make me laugh a lot, but trust me, this one is HILARIOUS. ciclovesbooks

  • 29/05/11 – Thirst For Fiction – so far, my one and only 5 Star review (on Goodreads). Will always hold a special place in my heart for T4F! Read the review
  • 28/05/11 – My Amazon review page opened! Read the reviews (the good, the bad, and the ugly!)

WOW… This book is hilarious. The Reader Room, July 2011

  • 23/05/11 – This is the first review of any kind I’ve seen written by Hannah Renowden on her very funny blog ‘Hannah writes stuff’. Hannah does write stuff. Hannah should get paid for writing stuff! Read the review.
  • 10/05/11 – This review wouldn’t open on any of my computers (I finally found a tricksy way of viewing it), but I hope it opens on yours, because it is just AWESOME! Matt (the author of this blog) is now my hero. Read the review (?)

Quite possibly the funniest YA book of the year… A must read for any reluctant readers out there – especially guys. The Book Stack

  • 09/04/11 – A slightly mixed review from the amazing Pewter Wolf. Read the review
  • April, 2011 – A very nice review from The Bookbag. Read the review
  • 28/03/11 – The first written review that I know of. By Bungle at midnightreads. Read the review

There is quite a bit of swearing which I don’t mind, but the conversation about how you wipe your bum was horrible. Atomics review by Hope (not a huge fan)

  • 26/03/11 – At time of press, this one is only a ‘star rating’, but a full review is on its way. Read review
  • 22/03/11 – A ***sweary*** video review that my wife found. It’s quite funny! View the review.

More reviews to come…