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The New Face of Jack Samsonite

Anyone who has read my Bio page will know that I’m not exactly fond of my headshot used to promote me/my book. But it would appear that now is definitely the time to change it… Today, whilst I was at my day job, I walked into the silicone room (it’s a room where they cast … Continue reading »


The ULTIMATE List! (Kind of…)

Right, now that I have granted myself the freedom to blog about whatever the hell I feel like, I hope you have prepared yourself for something completley frickin’ wild and anarchic, because I can assure you I have totally let myself off the leash with this one. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think … Continue reading »


My (weird) 1st (pukey) Official (anal-ish) Book Signing (thing)

I was expecting my first ever proper book signing in a real book shop to be kind of weird. And I wasn’t disappointed. The weirdest parts were probably these bits… The part when someone said to me “Stick it in the back, it’s tighter there.” The parts when I repeatedly had to talk people out of buying … Continue reading »


I Think I Love You… Australia!

I’m sure I shall be gushing my love for many other things/people/places in the weeks/months/years to come, so there’s a chance this ‘I Think I Love You…’ thing could turn into a feature. If it does, then Australia is the first of many, and for so many reasons… 1. It provided six of the best months … Continue reading »


Bad Reviews

I have been waiting for the bad reviews to come in for weeks now. I expected them to come earlier. I was actually looking forward to them (yet also secretly expecting to be hurt by them). And last week I got to read my first one. In fact I got to read TWO! (They may not have … Continue reading »


The Big Blog Giveaway!

Welcome to another week of giveaways of ‘OSMUW’, where you have another chance to win a signed copy of my debut novel. We are now at week 3 of giveaways, which means two things: The giveaway home, for this week, is right here at my blog. Only 2 weeks to go until publication day! The excitement … Continue reading »


Threes and Firsts

The past few weeks has been all threes and firsts. I saw my first 3 reviews of my book, I did my first 3 interviews in 1 weekend, and I tried Rolo ice lollies for the first time (and ate 3 in 1 day)! Which is all really exciting… and kind of scary (apart from the … Continue reading »