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On This Day… 1 Year Ago

A few weeks too late for Mental Health Awareness Week, but still worth a read. 1 Year ago today… Never forget.


Book Birthday!

Quick! Before today is over, and since I forgot to celebrate my first blogaversary, and my Twitter birthday, I have to just blow one of those noisy party-horn things and throw a streamer onto my head, because today is my book birthday! I have officially been a published author for 1 year now, and I still … Continue reading »


My Favourite Things This Week

My Favourite things this week… 1. I now have 2 afternoons off from the day job, so I CAN WRITE! And I am using my time as wisely as possible (3000 words in 3 hours!). 2. Matilda (3yrs) got a taste for power whilst singing ‘If you’re happy and you know it’ to her little … Continue reading »


The New Face of Jack Samsonite

Anyone who has read my Bio page will know that I’m not exactly fond of my headshot used to promote me/my book. But it would appear that now is definitely the time to change it… Today, whilst I was at my day job, I walked into the silicone room (it’s a room where they cast … Continue reading »


How Did I Forget???!!!

I don’t know how I failed to mention this before, but One Seriously Messed-Up Week is going to be printed in German this summer! This will be my first ever translation and I find it rather very jolly farting-well exciting. First of all I can’t wait to see what the cover looks like. Second of all … Continue reading »


Paper or PC?

Do you work on paper or on a computer? This is a question that I get asked surprisingly often, and this time I am answering it for myself, to remind me how to write at my best. The answer is – both… and neither. Both. I used have a pattern in writing where I would write my … Continue reading »


Where do I disappear to? And where’s Jack 2?

Yes, even though I set out a new blogging rule for myself – ‘No rules’ – I still end up going weeks on end without writing a blog post. So where do I bugger off to in between? And why have I barely been on Twitter at all lately? Well, the answer is really very … Continue reading »


A Christmas Mistake!

What the hell is going on with the world?! Or, to be more precise, what the hell is going on inside the heads of the readers of the up-market British TV guide ‘Radio Times’? They recently published their reader’s poll of favourite Christmas movies, which started off completley spot on, with It’s a Wonderful Life taking first … Continue reading »


The ULTIMATE List! (Kind of…)

Right, now that I have granted myself the freedom to blog about whatever the hell I feel like, I hope you have prepared yourself for something completley frickin’ wild and anarchic, because I can assure you I have totally let myself off the leash with this one. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think … Continue reading »


Writing Stuff Part 2: The Plan

The Plan… (continued from last weeks blog post). My plan to be able to fit blog posts in amongst my day job, my kids, my writing, is very simple – stop trying. From now on I will just write blog posts about ANYTHING, whatever I feel like writing about and whenever I feel like writing … Continue reading »

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