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I’ve recently been on holiday. It was one of those caravan sites with a big swimming pool, evening entertainment (provided by people who failed to make it into the auditions for Britain’s Got Talent), and where, as part of the package deal, you get tiny people hidden in one of the caravan cupboards. I had … Continue reading »


Here’s The Pitch

‘Here’s the Pitch’ is a post inspired by a twitter conversation between Viv from and Andrew Hall from pewterwolf Viv wrote this tweet: Andrew wrote this reply: Then I thought this: And then my brain wouldn’t leave me alone until I’d written this down… Title: Bunheads of the Dead The hook: Zombies do ballet (what’s not … Continue reading »


Discover What You’ve Been Missing

I’ve been looking around the world of blogs, seeing what there is to see, and can report that, despite the wealth of talent and the never ending fountain of information they provide, I was sadly left feeling a little empty inside, unfulfilled, as if the blogosphere were missing some vital ingredient required to further the … Continue reading »


On This Day… 7 Yrs Ago

06/08/05 On This Day… 7 Years Ago It was my brothers/’s 28th & 30th birthday/s (they have their birthdays on the same day, but two years apart. I know, MENTAL!) Me and Laura had spent most of the year out of work, apart from maybe one day a week working as extras on Hollyoaks. We … Continue reading »


On This Day… 1 Year Ago

A few weeks too late for Mental Health Awareness Week, but still worth a read. 1 Year ago today… Never forget.


A Christmas Mistake!

What the hell is going on with the world?! Or, to be more precise, what the hell is going on inside the heads of the readers of the up-market British TV guide ‘Radio Times’? They recently published their reader’s poll of favourite Christmas movies, which started off completley spot on, with It’s a Wonderful Life taking first … Continue reading »


The ULTIMATE List! (Kind of…)

Right, now that I have granted myself the freedom to blog about whatever the hell I feel like, I hope you have prepared yourself for something completley frickin’ wild and anarchic, because I can assure you I have totally let myself off the leash with this one. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think … Continue reading »


The Best & Worst Things About Getting Older.

For me, the worst thing about getting older isn’t my constantly receding hairline (I always wanted a receding hailrine. I even used to draw a Christopher Lee widows peak on my head when I was younger); it isn’t going grey (I heard that you don’t lose hair once it greys); it isn’t even getting plump … Continue reading »


Stung For The First Time

My name is Tom Clempson, I am 31 years old and today was my very first sting. Frickin’ wasps! What gives? We had a deal! I teach others not to panic in your presence, how to calmly escort you from thr premises instead of screaming like a loon and twatting you with a magazine, and … Continue reading »


Confessions of a Naughty Australian Lady

This week’s amazing confessions come courtesy of Monique from (She’s also from other places – Australia, a womb… you name it, she’s been there. As long as you name Australia or a womb). She has VERY kindly written two stories for our reading pleasure. Read them, laugh, go ‘Ewww!’, then visit her blog (this recent post … Continue reading »

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