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On This Day… 3 Years Ago

On this day, three years ago, it snowed. We went sledging. So did Grandma… Here she is at the top of the ‘hill’ (we chose the toddler safe slope). Here she is a few metres from the top. Old people are good with sledges! Old people are… oh… Old people roll better than you’d think. … Continue reading »


On This Day… 7 Yrs Ago

06/08/05 On This Day… 7 Years Ago It was my brothers/’s 28th & 30th birthday/s (they have their birthdays on the same day, but two years apart. I know, MENTAL!) Me and Laura had spent most of the year out of work, apart from maybe one day a week working as extras on Hollyoaks. We … Continue reading »


My Week By Numbers

New Things I Tried This Week: 3 Having a child free house for a whole night! Theo went for his first ever sleepover (he’s nearly 2). I got NINE hours straight! Green Tea flavoured Kit Kat. The entire thing was green! Tasted mostly of just wafer though. Going for a walk with no idea of … Continue reading »


My Week By Numbers

New Things I Tried This Week: 3 Crystalised Stem Ginger (it’s hotter than you’d think!) Walking like a clown (stupider than you’d think). Quitting coffee and alcohol at the same time (bigger failure than you’d think). People I Annoyed/Made Hate Me: 1 (I like to kid myself) I may have said “vagina face” to the … Continue reading »


My Favourite Things This Week

My Favourite things this week… 1. I now have 2 afternoons off from the day job, so I CAN WRITE! And I am using my time as wisely as possible (3000 words in 3 hours!). 2. Matilda (3yrs) got a taste for power whilst singing ‘If you’re happy and you know it’ to her little … Continue reading »


The Journal: 2

Last time, on The Journal… Knowing there is very little room in the market for an unknown not-very-good writer of mild poo, I devised a clever and cunning plan… The clever and cunning plan was simple – if I was going to stand a chance of writing anything worth reading, I was going to have … Continue reading »


The Journal: 1

2006. After nearly a year of unemployment and making ends meet by selling a couple of paintings and working 1 day a week as an extra on Hollyoaks (stop laughing, we were desperate!) my plans to spend 6 months travelling Australia seemed to be growing increasingly unrealistic. Then, a strange little Swiss film called Max & Co. came … Continue reading »


The Journal 0.0

If anyone reading this is at all interested in writing, and if any of those people are at all similar to me, then, like me, they probably want to know strange pieces of information like: How did you get an agent? How many pages do you write a day? Do you write on a laptop … Continue reading »