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The Worlds Best Ever Competioion in the World… Ever!

On Monday I wrote this (amazing) Tweet… Which was accompanied by this photo… Then someone replied with this… Then I replied with this… And lo, the worlds greatest competition ever was born… Someone made this guess… And someone else made this guess… And I replied with things like… Then another person made this guess… And … Continue reading »


Bad Reviews

I have been waiting for the bad reviews to come in for weeks now. I expected them to come earlier. I was actually looking forward to them (yet also secretly¬†expecting to be hurt by them). And last week I got to read my first one. In fact I got to read TWO!¬†(They may not have … Continue reading »


The Final Chapter

Right. When it comes to my blog posts I usually try to bring the fun. But not today. Today I will probably resemble Fun Bobby from that episode of Friends. I’ve spent quite some time deliberating over whether or not to write this post, but I have come to the conclusion that I have to. … Continue reading »

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