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I Survived!

I have been published for nearly an entire week now and, despite my fears, I didnt get blown up, decapetated or run down by a twat in a van. This is very good news. Getting published seemed so too good to be true that I genuinely expected something tragic to happen to me to prevent … Continue reading »


Book Birthday Recap

Today is June 2nd, which means I am now an Author! It feels very nice indeed to have achieved a goal that I thought I might never get anywhere near. Yet at the same time, despite what I had come to believe about authors having amazing super-powers, super-brains and super-everything, I surprisingly don’t feel very … Continue reading »



Oh yes, it is that moment you have both been waiting for… The ‘Extras’ that I have been tweeting about for my giveaway are finally being revealed! (Feeling dizzy yet?) If you carefully inspect the above image you will see a signed copy of my new book, five (yes, FIVE!) signed bookmarks, a sheet of … Continue reading »


And The Winner Is…

The Big Blog Giveaway has now closed and a winner has been randomly selected. Thank you to everyone who entered! If it is not your name written below I am sorry (I secretly hoped it would be you!) but do not despair because there is still ONE more week of giveaways to celebrate the last … Continue reading »


The Sequel (The Torture)

I am happy to announce that I am REALLY excited about the publication of ‘One Seriously Messed-Up Week…’ (11 days to go)! Unfortunately, hand in hand with that excitement, comes an equal amount of excruciating pant-crappings. But not about this book. I have been warned that writing book two can be tricky, and, to be … Continue reading »


Check Out The Bookmarks!

My bookmarks are here! Strangely enough, having bookmarks seems to make my upcoming publication feel more real. (Not sure why, they just do). And since reading Secret Admirer’s freakily uncanny comment on my last post, I thought I would share the bookmark beauty with you. So here they are. Possibly the stupidest bookmarks a boy … Continue reading »


The Big Blog Giveaway!

Welcome to another week of giveaways of ‘OSMUW’, where you have another chance to win a signed copy of my debut novel. We are now at week 3 of giveaways, which means two things: The giveaway home, for this week, is right here at my blog. Only 2 weeks to go until publication day! The excitement … Continue reading »


Signed Book Giveaway

I have to start this post by saying a massive ‘Thank You!’ to all the lovely people who have very generously given in response to my last post (How to be a Genuine Superhero). It is only fair that I now give something back (although not quite so super-heroicly). I have, just minutes ago, given … Continue reading »


Threes and Firsts

The past few weeks has been all threes and firsts. I saw my first 3 reviews of my book, I did my first 3 interviews in 1 weekend, and I tried Rolo ice lollies for the first time (and ate 3 in 1 day)! Which is all really exciting… and kind of scary (apart from the … Continue reading »


Welcome to the Beginning

Here are my goals for this blog: Write a blog Read other blogs (including my wife’s one) Talk about anything that strikes me (and hopefully you too) as interesting Try to include a variety of content, like: Stuff for other writers – My writing process, a diary of my experiences during the publication of my … Continue reading »

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