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Ask Jack

Ever wanted to have a conversation with a fictional character? Imagine if you could ask Gandalf what his favourite flavour jelly is, or if you could ask Batman how he felt about being in Batman and Robin, or if you could ask Hermione and Harry if they wish they’d ever gotten it on? Well, now’s … Continue reading »


On This Day… 1 Year Ago

A few weeks too late for Mental Health Awareness Week, but still worth a read. 1 Year ago today… Never forget.


Book Birthday!

Quick! Before today is over, and since I forgot to celebrate my first blogaversary, and my Twitter birthday, I have to just blow one of those noisy party-horn things and throw a streamer onto my head, because today is my book birthday! I have officially been a published author for 1 year now, and I still … Continue reading »


The New Face of Jack Samsonite

Anyone who has read my Bio page will know that I’m not exactly fond of my headshot used to promote me/my book. But it would appear that now is definitely the time to change it… Today, whilst I was at my day job, I walked into the silicone room (it’s a room where they cast … Continue reading »


Where do I disappear to? And where’s Jack 2?

Yes, even though I set out a new blogging rule for myself – ‘No rules’ – I still end up going weeks on end without writing a blog post. So where do I bugger off to in between? And why have I barely been on Twitter at all lately? Well, the answer is really very … Continue reading »


Writing Stuff Part 2: The Plan

The Plan… (continued from last weeks blog post). My plan to be able to fit blog posts in amongst my day job, my kids, my writing, is very simple – stop trying. From now on I will just write blog posts about ANYTHING, whatever I feel like writing about and whenever I feel like writing … Continue reading »


Writing Stuff

Okay, so book two is with my lovely editor at Atom, book three is about ten pages from being finished, (but I’ve decided to shelve it until the right ten pages come to me), book four is buzzing around my brain like an angry hornet waiting to be released, book five is buzzing round my … Continue reading »


New Book Blog Launched for Funny YA

Those of you who bother to read my blog will know that I’m not exactly a 3-posts a week kind of blogger, so I have taken the obvious next step and have committed myself to write for another blog as well. Duh! A bunch of authors have grouped together to dispel the myth that all Young … Continue reading »


World of CraftWar: The Rise of the Little Ladies With Needles & Thread

Urgly burgly! It’s all been go in our house these past couple of days. Whilst I’ve been finishing some rewrites on my 2nd book (which will be the first rewrites of many), my Laura wife has been fighting for the rights to her own business! Bla bla bla, you can read all about that headache … Continue reading »


My (weird) 1st (pukey) Official (anal-ish) Book Signing (thing)

I was expecting my first ever proper book signing in a real book shop to be kind of weird. And I wasn’t disappointed. The weirdest parts were probably these bits… The part when someone said to me “Stick it in the back, it’s tighter there.” The parts when I repeatedly had to talk people out of buying … Continue reading »

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