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I’m Back…

For those of you who regularly follow this blog… what is wrong with you? I haven’t posted on here in over a year! Please seek medical attention immediately.

The reason I haven’t kept this blog up to date is because of some reasons. However, this is something I intend to change, and the way I plan to go about it is to refer to my first book, in two ways:

1. I am going to write it in the same way that I wrote my first book – as if nobody is ever going to read it (this is not too difficult for me to imagine), which will include lots of typos, bad grammar, bad spelling, and general bad badness. The major difference will be that I will be writing about my own real life, instead of a fictional character.

2. I am going to follow in the footsteps of my title character – nobody wants to read about my boring life as it is, so I will attempt to live a more interesting, eventful, and entertaining life, more for my own benefit than anyone elses.

This will all begin as soon as I feel brave enough. I don’t know when that will be, or how often this will be updated, but, since you are not reading this, that doesn’t really matter.

See you soon! xx

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