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No.2 (Part 1)

I have my 2nd book coming out this year. Having a 2nd book coming out is exactly like having a baby coming out. Only less painful. I guess. And you don’t have to feed it. And… Okay, having a book coming out is NOTHING like having a baby coming out. But it is a bit like pooing out a really cute kitten that may or may not come out as a zombie – it’s really crazy exciting, but I’m also really scared that it might totally turn round and bite me on my bottom.

I now understand the ‘second _______ syndrome’ completely. There is a lot of pressure, and the more you focus on the pressure the worse your work is, so you try to ignore the pressure, but then you worry that you’ve been ignoring the pressure too much, and you’re not trying hard enough, (in a ‘hey, I’ve already been published, I can write any old crap I want, because I’m king of the wooorld!’), so, to avoid feeling like king of the wolrd, you begin to listen to some of that pressure, and by then you’re not sure if it’s you writing or the pressure writing, or what the hell you’re even doing at all, and then you suddenly realise why 99% of all sequels made are completely crap – they either try too hard or don’t try hard enough, when in fact they shouldn’t even be thinking about trying, they should just be making the best ______ they know how to.

I did have loads more to ramble about, and I may have eventually made some kind of point, but I’m worried that human brains can only withstand so much of my mind-poo at a time, and now seems like a good time to stop, so I’ll save the rest for another time.

(Cliff hanger writing at its best huh?)

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