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Ask Jack

Ever wanted to have a conversation with a fictional character? Imagine if you could ask Gandalf what his favourite flavour jelly is, or if you could ask Batman how he felt about being in Batman and Robin, or if you could ask Hermione and Harry if they wish they’d ever gotten it on?

Well, now’s your chance to do a really much less exciting version of all of those things! Yes, Jack Samsonite will soon be appearing in an exclusive interview (not for this blog, but more on where at a later date), and there is an opening for a few guest questions. So if there is anything you fancy talking to Jack about, anything - about his personal life, about why he writes his stupidly long diaries, about his latest messed-up weekend… anything – then send a question this way before next Monday (Jan 28 2013). Your question can be in the comment box below, as an email via the contact me page, or even as a tweet or a facebook comment. Just get it to me by next week for a chance to be included in the interview.

Happy question thinking!


Have fun, be creative,

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