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Last Week’s Tweets

  • Stupid Twitter! Not showing mentions, unfollowing people, making others (incl. @cupcakes4clara ) unfollow me… Sort it out twits! #
  • I just tripped over a twig.
    A TWIG! #
  • This is the most I've tweeted in months! My thumb is feeling fatigued. #
  • It's a sad age we live in when the word "celebrity" makes you think "tasteless, image obsessed, desperate & shallow" #CelebrityCruises #
  • I need to remember to take a weewee break BEFORE I take my coat off, get laptop out, plug phone in & sit down in coffee shop with my drink #
  • Just discovered a twitter account that is pretending to be me (my info, my photo, my web link, MOSTLY my tweets too) what do I do??!!! #
  • I don't know if it's the changing fashion, or my changing age, but WHAT are some people THINKING when they choose those clothes?!?! #
  • I'm SOO honoured to be in this brilliant post “@Serendipity_Viv: Serendipity Reviews: Chuck a Book with Joanne Stapley
  • I stop to look at the picture of @ZooeyDeschanel in the paper and then I notice @Serendipity_Viv underneath her!
    Nice work Viv! #
  • He said "novice axe men" not "nobbist axe men"
    Stupid ears make the world a funnier place. #GrandDesigns #
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