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Last Week’s Tweets

  • Murray won!!! Wooohooooo! #USOpen #
  • Looking back on my childhood I'm baffled as to why this husband & wife TV act ever used to freak the bejesus out of me #
  • Anyone know a good way to remove 6 yrs if ground-in filth from a dense shag carpet? Shampoo, stiff bristle brush & stain remover don't work! #
  • (I just said "shag" and "stiff" in a genuine, innocent and grown up tweet) #
  • In Drs waiting room. Crowded. Humid. Smelly. If I don't have anything yet, I will do soon. #
  • Do you think the film industry assumes that us public have never seen blood before? Why does movie-blood always look SO BAD??? #
  • Even though I've told her its BBQ style pizza she's still insisting its just burnt!
    Ungrateful wife. #
  • I'm all for authors writing reviews for themselves, but why do it in secret? I'd love to read what they really think of their own work! #
  • Cover for my new book is being designed RIGHT NOW. I love it! #
  • #Downton Tom & Matthew have a bedroom meeting "It seems big, but it's not big"
    Teehee! #
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