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On This Day… 7 Yrs Ago

On This Day… 7 Years Ago
It was my brothers/’s 28th & 30th birthday/s (they have their birthdays on the same day, but two years apart. I know, MENTAL!) Me and Laura had spent most of the year out of work, apart from maybe one day a week working as extras on Hollyoaks. We were also painting pictures and selling them on a very infrequent basis for not very much money at all. In our copious spare time we both decided to turn the weird ideas in our heads into books. You know, just for fun. I finished my manuscript and shelved it. Laura got about one third of the way through hers, sent out some sample chapters to an agent who showed lots of interest, asked her to make a few changes and send it back. I was very impressed by this and also very slightly extremely jealous. There was about to be an author in the family (okay, we weren’t exactly a family then, just boyfriend and girlfriend) and it wasn’t going to be me. Except Laura never bothered making those changes or sending it back to her potential agent. Things could have been so different!

On this day we went down to my parent’s house (either by train or some generous member of my family kindly drove the eight hour round trips to pick us up and drive us back to Manchester). We had a barbecue late in the evening, sat out until it was dark, made dragon noses from paper cups, stuck skewers in our hair, then had lightsaber fights and messed around with the slow release shutter on Laura’s digital camera (digital camera were still quite a novelty to us in 2005).

Just your average family BBQ.

The end.

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