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Observations of the Month

A collection of some of my earth-shattering observations¬†from the past month…

  • Small boys wrongly assume that getting told off is something that DECREASES with age. (Just saw an old man getting bollocked by his wife).
  • Slobbing out in front of the TV seems that bit more lazy when you’re watching the planets fittest people competing with each other.
  • Observation of the Day: When cooking dinner, if you taste your food from a WOODEN spoon, it makes you feel like a pro (unless you spit it back out and go “Bleurghh! My cooking sucks!”)
  • Hot Pants aren’t quite so “hot” when there’s 3 inches of saggy buttock hanging out the back. (But that’s just my opinion)
  • You know in Heroes, (that tv series where people discover they have special powers), and there’s that black guy that never speaks, and that everyone refers to as The Haitian, well… how do they KNOW he’s Haitian?!! He never speaks! They know nothing about him! Are these people all blessed with powers of being really good guessers of ethnic origin?
    (I know, it was more of a question/rant than an observation, but, hey…)
  • Observation of the Day: That cat was actually a pigeon.


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