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Last Week’s Tweets

  • Don't get scared now.
    Here they come…
    Are you ready?
    Because the huge freakin', oversized spider season is upon us! Our house is overrun! #
  • I don't know what's wrong with me. I counted today… I'm writing five books all at the same time! Literally…. #
  • Goodbye Nina Bawden – my favourite childhood author
    “@bbcentertain: Author Nina Bawden dies aged 87
  • I enjoy 'New Girl' a lot, but I have a horrible feeling that there are no lenses in Jess's glasses. Is this true @ZooeyDeschanel ? IS IT??!! #
  • I got my GCSE results (16 years ago)! Two D's for Science, E for Maths, B for English…
    Good luck kids! #
  • Glad to see Gwen Stefani in her proper 'No Doubt' form. I couldn't stand her solo diva phase. #
  • Matilda: "I know what you dreamed about last night daddy – marshmallows, chocolate cake and mummy" #
  • In 2007 I finally backed down and agreed to have readings at our wedding (I don't like readings & speeches) on… #
  • Conversation I just overheard.
    Mr: The front of the house is very nice too
    Mrs: Isn't THIS the front?
    Mr: There's another one round the back #
  • I'm struggling to think if a time that I haven't been mean to someone on twitter (in a nice way) #
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