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Last Week’s Tweets

  • What's going in with the #olymics2012 ? I'm totally hooked on it and I HATE watching sport! #
  • There was a man and a dog and a very long lead
    There was a path that was really quite wide
    There was a guy who… #
  • Dressage. Dressage??? DRESSAGE?????!!!!!
    We won a gold medal for horsey humiliation #
  • How has she managed to make LAUNDRY look cute?! #

  • Observation of the day: I'm 32 years old. That means I'm closer to being a teenager than I was when I was born…. #
  • German Vs UK: which cover do you prefer? #

  • Ooh RT“@amy_geek: New post: The time I received a coffin and zombie in the mail and it made me cry: …" @MackandSaund #
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