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It’s Like Poetry, But Crap

A round-up of all my best poems…

A round-up of all my mediocre poems…

A round-up of all my poems of last month.

Some words I wrote.

  • I ate some porridge
    It spilled on my nipple
    Silly nipple
  • It looked like a leaf
    But it wasn’t a leaf
    It was dog poo
    (I’m seriously considering sticking with this poetry thing)
  • The cabbages are chasing me!
    They won’t leave me alone
    Their putrid stench is haunting me!
    Or maybe it’s just that scabby old lady sat at the table next to me.
  • Sometimes it’s chilly
    Sometimes it’s hot
    And sometimes it’s one of those stupid days when you’re constantly taking your jumper on and off, messing up your hair and knocking your glasses all wonky
    Silly nipples
  • I saw a dog
    It made me laugh!
    Some dogs are funny
    Most aren’t



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