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My Week By Numbers* #3

*In the unlikely event of my week being slightly mundane or uneventful I may resort to referencing events from alternative weeks of my life (just see if you can spot them).

New Things I Tried This Week: 3

  • Telling a friend what an amazing person they are (as a species, we tend to wait until someone dies until we tell them what we think of them. I’m trying to change that in myself).
  • Watched a Brit in the final of Wimbledon
  • Listened to music on this new fangled thing called a Compact Disc!

People I Annoyed/Made Hate Me: Innumerable

  • My wife because… see my Last Weeks Tweets
  • Most women who follow me on Twitter, because… same as above.

Tings That Inspired Me:

  • My best friend, Henry, told me that he totally slep over at someone else’s house and he didn’t even get homesick. Not once! This has so inspired me to definitely do a sleepover AND NOT EVEN CRY AT ALL!!!

Hours Spent Writing: 30! THIRTY!!!

Number of Words Written: 12,000!!

Things That Really Made Me Laugh: 2

  • Henry totally trumped in the middle of assembly, and then, get this, he turned around to Hannah Booth and totally pretended it was her. It was so funny, and we, like, laughed and laughed about it for ages and aaaagessss!
  • This video of my kids being total musical geniuses.


My Kids Are Musical Prodigies! from Tom Clempson on Vimeo.


Things I Learned: 1

  • Manchester Royal Eye Hospital finally looked at my MRI results (almost a full month after the scan), and my GP (who went on a mission to get the results and promised to “kick some bottom” for me!) has confirmed that the results do not indicate MS (we were expecting they would)!


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