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My Week By Numbers

New Things I Tried This Week: 3

  • Having a child free house for a whole night! Theo went for his first ever sleepover (he’s nearly 2). I got NINE hours straight!
  • Green Tea flavoured Kit Kat. The entire thing was green! Tasted mostly of just wafer though.
  • Going for a walk with no idea of where I was going or where I was, and discovering that, where we have lived for 9 years, we are surrounded by miles and miles of beautiful countryside walks. Who knew?! (probably everyone but me)

People I Annoyed/Made Hate Me: Just 7

  • The 6 people who tried to pick up the £1 coin that was super-glued to the floor near my desk and assumed I was the prankster (I wasn’t!)
  • The poor fella who sat in his car behind me whilst he kindly waited impatiently for me to wait for the two lanes of crosstown traffic to clear before I left the junction (unlike him, who decided to pull around me just as I was pulling out, cut me up, almost drove into my daughter’s door, then ended up parking in the space next to me outside of nursery). I very kindly informed him of what I thought of his driving. And his stupid little brain).

Tings That Inspired Me: 1

  • Hugh Laurie. We went to see him and his blues band (The Copperbottom Band) last night, and, against all expectations, they were even better than the first time we saw them. What a genuinely amazing collection of musicians. Those instruments must wait all day aching to be picked up and brought so brillintly to life. Exhillerating, uplifting, awe-inspiring stuff. Highly recommended!

Hours Spent Writing: 1

Number of Words Written: 500

Things That Really Made Me Laugh: 3

  • Hugh Laurie (again), comparing the purpleness of The Lowry theatre’s interior to “Sailors genitals”
  • Someone mishearing me and thnking I called them a “Burmese Pleb” (I didn’t and she’s not from Burma)
  • The crazy fashion in which my children choose to sleep…


Things I Learned: 2


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