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Last Week’s Tweets

  • Yeah, turns out that, as exotic as it may sound, "writing outside in the rain" is actually kind if chilly.

    And wet. #

  • Clearly they haven't been reading my Facebook page

    “@GuardianBooks: Poem of the week: Legacies by Peter Sirr

  • #LessViolentFilms (medium to low) Heat #
  • #LessViolentFilms Really, Really, Genuinely Lovely Goodfellas #
  • Enthusiastic tweeting at its best!

    RT“@SwiftySaysYes: @xsophenia omfg, one seriously messed up week is seriously funny. Like omfg. Wtf.” #

  • 12 months on & there's still love for Jack Samsonite!

    RT“@xsophenia: @tomclempson holy sweet jesus I love your book ok its the best thing” #

  • BREAKING NEWS: Summer is here!!! #
  • Computer somehow managed to delete 1000 words of yesterday's writing overnight. Not a happy start to my day. #
  • No it didn't! I was wrong! Great start to my day! Woohoooo! #
  • My name is not Phyllis. #
  • 1000 word in 2 hours! Woooooh! #
  • I'm not feeling angry about anything. #
  • Observation: small boys wrongly assume that getting told off is something that DECREASES with age. #JustSawOldManGettingBollockedByHisWife #
  • Good morning world! How is your toe? #
  • I saw a dog
    It made me laugh!
    Some dogs are funny
    Most aren't #
  • Observation of the Day: If you play awesomely cool music on your headphones on your walk into school/work it… #
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