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Last Week’s Tweets

  • 1,400 words in 3 hours! #amwriting #
  • Merry Summer! The temperature in Manchester on this "beautiful" July day is the same as it was on Christmas Day. #
  • I want 'in front' to be one word. Please. #
  • Is it just me, or do women who wear tea cosies on their heads seem a little bit… odd? #
  • When I eat cheese… It makes my whole face smell of cheese! (and no, it's not because of the crazy way I eat it) #ImACheeseFace #
  • If you want to discuss having a cheesy face just use the hash tag #ImAcheeseFace (just watch this one start trending!) #
  • I want 'grammar schmammar' to be one word. #
  • Just saw Evil Grey-haired Will Ferrell & Gawky Duck-faced @GwynethPaltrow lookalikes in space of 2 mins! (no pics. Just imagine & be amazed) #
  • Yesterday I wrote 1400 words in 3 hours. Today I managed the same amount in 6. Boo! Made up for it with an extra 700 in 30 mins though. Woo! #
  • Yesterday I told @Jo_Stapley that she should write a review of the British national anthem. AND SHE DID!!! It's here #
  • Just remembered I was parked in a 2hr limit zone… FOR 3 HOURS!

    Near heart attack on way back to car.

    No parking ticket though! Phew-eee! #

  • Having a brilliant day off with @cupcakes4clara for her 30th Birthday (Happy Birthday, wife!). Feels like a little holiday! #
  • I LOVE writing this new book. I'll be sad when I finish it. But looking forward to others. #
  • Sometimes it's chilly
    Sometimes it's hot
    And sometimes it's one of those stupid days when you're constantly… #
  • I #amwriting #YoungAdult outside in the rain, and I SWEAR these two leafy buggers keep edging closer! #
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