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Last Week’s Tweets

  • Anyone living with/knows someone with/or wants to know more about depression, I strongly recommend you follow @Lesism & read his blog #
  • I'm confused about Humpty Dumpty #
  • Genuinely confused! How would we know he was an egg if it wasn't for the illustrations? IS he an egg?! @mattlibrarian @PewterWolf13 #
  • So, if Humpty wasn't an egg, then that's just really dull storytelling! @mattlibrarian @PewterWolf13 #
  • My week by numbers, featuring @theJeremyVine ! #
  • Thanks for the RT Jeremy! @theJeremyVine #
  • I'm going to sleep now, before I get cyber-beaten-up @sisterspooky @mattlibrarian #
  • Thanks for the RT! @sisterspooky @cupcakes4clara @AtomBooks #
  • I ate some porridge
    It spilled on my nipple
    Silly nipple
    (Yes, I know, how have I gotten this far without… #
  • WHAT is going on???!!! #Wimbledon #
  • His balls keep popping out of his shorts! #Wimbledon #
  • "Give him the one up the middle" #Wimbledon #smut #
  • Yesterday @HughLaurieBlues played @Cornbury Festival (as did my brother, with @Satsangi_band). Tonight he played Manchester & was AMAZING! #
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