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My Week By Numbers

New Things I Tried This Week: 3

  • Crystalised Stem Ginger (it’s hotter than you’d think!)
  • Walking like a clown (stupider than you’d think).
  • Quitting coffee and alcohol at the same time (bigger failure than you’d think).

People I Annoyed/Made Hate Me: 1 (I like to kid myself)

  • I may have said “vagina face” to the wrong person.

Tings That Inspired Me: 1

  • Speaking to a teacher at Matilda’s new school (starting in September) reminded me how much I believe that praise and positive teaching is far better than criticism and pressure. (i.e. “Lets see how well we can go AROUND this puddle” works much better than “If you jump in that dirty great puddle I will feed your toes to a zombified pig!”) We’re running out of toes here.

Hours Spent Writing: 3

Number of Words Written: 1600

Things That Really Made Me Laugh: 2

  • (see the bottom of this post)
  • A friend told me a story about his school-mate who, in a school play, had to pretend to vomit, but, on the night, got a bit carried away and accidentally threw up all over the stage!

Things I Learned: 4

  • Too much coffee keeps me awake at night (obviously I knew the theory behind this, but on Tuesday, after two strong 5pm coffees, I learned the hard way)
  • My son (Theo, age 1) REALLY likes swinging (in the toddler sense of the word).

  • In two weeks there will be no more work at my day job, which means that A: I’ll have some time to write, and B: I’ll have NO MONEY!
  • Jeremy Vine on Radio 2 is an accidental comedy genius. He was covering quite an upsetting story about how a family, on a picnic, witnessed a pair of out-of-control dogs chase a cow off a (small) cliff (it survived), then proceed to attack it. For some reason Vine decided to piece the event together in the form of a ‘sketch’, turning the whole thing into comedy gold…



(click the link in Vine’s tweet to see his breathtaking storyboard!)

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