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Last Week’s Tweets

  • Amazing street party yesterday. Lasted 12 hours. Then slept for 11. Now having cake for breakfast. #
  • I REFUSE to put the heating on in JUNE! #
  • Beginning to regret that 'cake for breakfast' idea (maybe 3 was a bit excessive) #
  • Just discovered I was the filling in a @cat_clarke sandwich! Ooh la la! (and we all know why I got recommended read don't we Cat?) #
  • I got to meet the legendary @sisterspooky today! She has a face like a frog. #
  • Just been to @Keris book launch. Brilliant lady, supported by many brilliant bloggers. What a jolly nice evening! #
  • There was supposed to be a photo with that earlier tweet @cat_clarke #
  • I'm eating porridge.

    (thank god for twitter eh?) #

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