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Last Week’s Tweets

  • Afternoon off work. Writing under a tree. Attacked by ducks. #
  • What does it MEAN???? #
  • My blog has stopped feeding into FB and I don't know how to fix it! #
  • Thank you for the #ff @WeFancyBooks @Sunflower26 @GoldenAgeofGeek #
  • Yeah!!!
    RT“@cupcakes4clara: @myredwellies @tomclempson Absolutely! He's a complete sweetheart :)” #
  • Why won't the baby sleep?! I've tried EVERYTHING! Milk, a car ride, lullabies, putting colanders on our heads… #
  • Rhianna. Please ignore @ZMarriott I <3 that you roll around in your underwear so much. But why all the singing? #
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