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Book Birthday!

Quick! Before today is over, and since I forgot to celebrate my first blogaversary, and my Twitter birthday, I have to just blow one of those noisy party-horn things and throw a streamer onto my head, because today is my book birthday!

I have officially been a published author for 1 year now, and I still feel just as pretentious every time someone asks ‘what do you do?’ and I reply (in the most pretentious way possible), ‘I’m a published author don’t you know!’ But it has been  an amazing writery year, which still doesn’t feel quite real to me, but in which I have learnt a lot of stuff and things. Here are a few of those things…

1. The novelty of receiving positive comments on your work NEVER wears thin.

2. The fear of receiving bad reviews is nowhere near as horrible as you’d think.

3. The worry of having your next work rejected is amplified SO MUCH once you’ve been published.

4. I am still very poor.

5. I have no set way in which I go about writing a book. Yet.

6. I am an unreliable blogger.

7. There are people out there who blog about books. And amongst those people are people who blog about Y.A. books. And they do video blogs (vlogs) and reviews and giveaways and interviews and they are dedicated and passionate and entertaining and there are literally THOUSANDS of them and I had no idea any of this existed before!

8. As an author (someone who sits in a room, all alone, without talking to anyone other than the made-up people inside their heads, day after day) you are expected to pretend to be normal and talk in front of hundreds of people at festivals and schools and stuff!

9. My brain is completely incapable of processing the fact that thousands of strangers have read my book. (Yet 99% of my friends and colleagues have not! Arse-faces).

10. Different people will read your book in different ways, and they all pick up on different things, and react differently, and ask about details of your book that you copletely forgot you wrote!

Thank you for reading my book/blog/both and don’t forget to pick up a party bag before you go home. Big hugs! (unless you’re weird and creepy, in which case just have an uncomfortabel handshake and an awkward farewell).

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