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When You Don’t Even Know The Title of Your Own Book

Back in January I blogged about One Seriously Messed-Up Week being translated into German – what will the cover look like? What will Gruff-nuggets translate as? And, most intriguingly, what the hell will the title be?!
A couple of kind Twitter folk came up with their best translations in the German language, but I can now reveal the official cover AND the official German title! (We’ll have to wait until the German publication date to find out what the Gruff-nuggets thing is though).
So, here it is…


I’m not too sure what the illustrations are about, but that’s not the issue here. What I want to know is what does ‘Warum diese Woche völlig in die Hose ging’ mean???

I typed it into Google Translate, and according to that it means – ‘Why did this week was totally in my pants’

But probably not quite correct.

So I typed it into and got ‘Why this week went totally into the pair of pants’ which seems to make a tiny bit more sense, but still doesn’t sound quite right. My third and final attempt was at where I got the slightly less weird – ‘Why this week completely went to the trousers’, which almost seems to make sense, (and is pretty close to what I’m thinking of naming my Jack Samsonite sequel!), so I’ll settle for that. Does anyone know if this is correct? Is something ‘going to the pants’ a phrase in Germany? If so, why don’t we have it here?! That’s much better than saying something has ‘gone to the dogs’!

If you’re deperate to know what the German terms for ‘nob-ache’, ‘Gruff-nuggets’ and ‘Chin-tickler’ are, then you can preorder your copy at or The Book Depository, or any other online seller of German trouser literature.

‘Warum diese Woche völlig in die Hose ging’ is available to buy from July 23rd, and is published by Random House, Germany.


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