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Last Week’s Tweets

  • Altrincham's (& my) @cupcakes4clara is in Business Week today & in 2 days she's at Hale Craft Fair! Ooh @altrinchamhq #
  • Things are a bit quiet at work today, so I snuck out to write book four (you know, for kids!) #
  • Why is it that healthy food just doesn't fill me up?! #
  • Why is it that whenever I'm worried about offending someone by saying 'bummer' I always choose to say 'bugger' instead? #
  • Ooh! Ooh! Look where me and @cupcakes4clara are! #
  • I'm not a huge fan of stand-up comedy but we saw Jerry Seinfeld live at Manchester yesterday and laughed until I cried. Lots! #
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