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Last Week’s Tweets

  • I haven't abandoned Facebook, Twitter or Blog. I'm just lazy. I WILL be back! (whether you like it or not) #
  • Where did Norah Jones disappear to? And why can't Katie Melluahaha follow her?! #
  • I have a full day to write today (a first for this year)! My body isn't used to this much caffeine. #
  • Uh-oh… Looks like someone broke in and ate all of @cupcakes4clara 's Bitsa Wispa chocs! #
  • I'm eating peanut butter from the jar and drinking wine from the bottle. It's been one of those days (and I have nut allergies!) #
  • I'm wet. #
  • Baby puked #
  • Having 2nd breakfast before 9am doesn't make me a greedy pig. (But the fact that it was a chocolate bar probably does) #
  • “@DaveMedlo: It's all about Whedon. Pure Whedon. He nailed it. And it's funny. Really really funny. #avengers
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