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The New Face of Jack Samsonite

Anyone who has read my Bio page will know that I’m not exactly fond of my headshot used to promote me/my book. But it would appear that now is definitely the time to change it…

Today, whilst I was at my day job, I walked into the silicone room (it’s a room where they cast silicone, not a room made of silicone, though that would be a lot more interesting) and a Chinese friend of mine burst out laughing, right in my face!

Tom! I went on your website! I saw your photo! You look so funny! You look like an American religious man who says ‘You must do this!’ and your face! Your cheeks are like (bloats her face out) It looks so fat!

The funny thing was she seemed surprised that I wasn’t lapping up the praise!

It’s not even the fat cheeked thing. But an American religious man who says “You must do this!”??!!! Why????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s one of the worst reviews my face has ever had!

So, expect a new photo.

Very soon.

(I’ll be sucking my big fat cheeks in).

(And doing my best to not look religious).


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