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On This Day… 2 Yrs Ago

21st Feb 2010

Snow Day. Where I grew up we were surrounded by countryside. Almost every winter, without fail it snowed. Proper good snow. Snow is good. Snow is my friend. Snow meant a number of different things:

  1. No school (unless a teacher could make it in and open up. We had no excuse for not turning up as our house was actually attached to our primary school).
  2. No power, or water, or both.
  3. No traffic. The country lanes were impassable.
  4. A heroic attempt at making a snowman would usually halt half way through, ending up with a big ball of leaf-strewn snow sittin gin the middle of the garden.
  5. We went sledging. We ALWAYS went sledging.

Except when I left home I also left the countryside, which meant I hadn’t been on a sledge since 2001, when I came back home from university for Christmas. Plus, it barely ever snowed! I moved to the North of England where, if anything, you would expect MORE snow than where I grew up in the Midlands. But no. Every winter was practically snow free. Unitl…

You know in Edward Scissorhands when old lady Wynona Ryder says something like “It never used to snow before he came, but now it snows every year”, well that’s what happened when we had our first child. Matilda seems to be my good snow charm. Ever since she was born we have had snow every winter! And last year, thanks to the (admittedly tiny) slopes of the nearby golf course, we actually managed to go sledging!

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