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Last Week’s Tweets

  • I’m crouching beside my bed, in the dark, whilst reading tweets. I’ve been here quite a while & now my knees have locked & I can’t stand up. #
  • Being me is just one big rollercoaster ride of fun filled adventure and excitement!And creaky knees. #
  • I’m writing a list of all the stories I want/need/have to write. There are so many that I keep forgetting them! #
  • I’m listening to a new audiobook at work today. Bit boring really. Shame. #
  • Ooh, Jack Samsonite has been reprinted again, this time with a spangly new addition to the cover! #
  • What is it with the Nintendo Wii? My toilet has a better WiFi connection! #
  • So @totalfilm are hyping the nips out of the Hunger Games movie. I’m guessing I should read the book? #
  • Toddler Quote of the Day: “Daddy can you skip to the bit where Dumbo drinks the wine? That’s my favourite bit!” nice work Disney. #
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