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Where do I disappear to? And where’s Jack 2?

Yes, even though I set out a new blogging rule for myself – ‘No rules’ – I still end up going weeks on end without writing a blog post. So where do I bugger off to in between? And why have I barely been on Twitter at all lately? Well, the answer is really very simple. I’ve been working.

The sad truth about many authors is that until you’re well established you still have to work the day job. It’s not that the day job is bad, it’s just that the day job isn’t writing. And no time to write is definitely bad. And no time to write also means no time to write blog-posts, or even Tweets! I probably shouldn’t admit to this but lately I’m even struggling to find the time to shower!

When I disappear I’m not really gone. I’m still skimming Twitter, reading what other people are doing, reading your comments on my blog, writing blog posts in my head, but never posting them, even Tweeting random little observations in my head, but never tweeting them. I sometimes do actually manage to write the occasional post for the other site I write for – ‘Read It And Laugh’, which is always worth checking out.

Just thought I’d let you know, when I’m gone I’m not really gone. I’ll be back.

P.S. Yes, Jack Samsonite 2 looks set to be published in spring 2013, it’s a long wait but…

I see a pattern emerging here.

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