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Last Week’s Tweets

  • Just cured @cupcakes4clara ‘s hiccups. Oh yeah. Possibly the only person in the world to know the secret cure & she never even remembers it! #
  • I desperately need to be doing stuff but am flat in my back with a baby boy on my chest with a temp of 39.8c Poor little scamp. #
  • Seeing peoples human names in favour of their twitter ones is really confusing my little brain. Can’t we all just have numbers or something? #
  • #thisweekilearned .. If you don’t want to ruin the end of your audiobook, make sure your iPod isn’t on shuffle. Bloody bollocks. #
  • Wow. Sitting in coffee shop alongside a contender for the most impatient dad of the century. Why have 3 kids if you can’t stand children?!! #
  • Toddler quote of the day: ” Daddy, can we put animals in post boxes?” #
  • Toddler Quoto (quote + photo) of the day: “Daddy, you can play with this whilst me & mummy go to the shops.” #
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