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Last Week’s Tweets

  • I’ve been off Twitter for so long that I’m forgetting how to tweet! What do I usually tweet about????? #
  • Started listening to @davidwalliams The Boy In The Dress audiobook today. LOVING it! Such a good book for kid’s self esteem #differentisgood #
  • Oooh, nice to see fellow Atom author @CJ_Daugherty getting great reviews for Night School. It’s going on my list! Congratulations CJ! #
  • Just dropped a screaming, soaking wet baby boy off at nursery. With no change of clothes. Because I’m good like that. #
  • I’m probably the most popular Dad at nursery, right? @AbiBurlingham @sisterspooky @anthony_mcgowan #
  • Did anyone read more books than @sarahsreviews in 2011 (207 novels!) I read 4. And two of them were my own. And they weren’t even finished. #
  • The #amwriting hash tag… Surely it’s a lie. Unless your writing a book of tweets. #
  • The one time you can absolutely guarantee I’m not getting any writing done, is when I’m on twitter. #amwriting #
  • It should really be #amdesperatelytryingtowritebutkeepgettingdistractedbystupidtwitter @CJ_Daugherty @EbonyMcKenna #
  • My eyebrow hairs are getting too long. #
  • I AM writing, I AM! But I am just taking a short break to tweet you the view from my writing-mobile #amwriting #
  • So glad I checked spelling of last tweet before sending it and announcing to you all that I’m “taking a shitbreak…” #
  • Important notice: Anyone who waits all week for their one day to write, should seriously consider sedating the… #
  • Stupid ineffective coffee. You can inject caffein,. I know you can, I’ve seen it in hospital. I want it on a drip! #
  • Toddler quote of the day: “We love Scrooge and Wallace & Gromit don’t we daddy? But we don’t like other things.” Hard to please or what?!! #
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