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Writing Stuff

Okay, so book two is with my lovely editor at Atom, book three is about ten pages from being finished, (but I’ve decided to shelve it until the right ten pages come to me), book four is buzzing around my brain like an angry hornet waiting to be released, book five is buzzing round my brain like an angry hornet waiting to be released, book six is buzzing round my brain like an angry hornet… Basically, I’ve got too many books in me and not enough time!

Of course there’s no saying that all these books are necessarily ‘good’ books (obviously I think they will be otherwise I wouldn’t be bothering with them), and there’s no saying that I won’t decide they’re rubbish half way through and jump to the next in line, but for now I probably have the next five years of my writing life all mapped out and itching to be written. Which is absolutely awesome, except I DON’T HAVE TIME TO WRITE THEM!

It’s the real catch 22 of being a writer (or being a writer named Tom Clempson) – you need to have a whole bunch of books out there to generate enough income to be able to afford to write full time, but you need to be writing full time in order to be able to get a whole bunch of books out there!

This is my roundabout way of explaining why, if you scroll back through the last six to twenty weeks of my blog, you might find posts to be a little thin on the ground. It’s not my fault! It’s not that I don’t love my blog and both its readers, it’s that whenever I get a spare minute to write it I’m always clambering to get the next book out of me. I’ve even been cutting back on Twitter (yeah, 140 characters) just to make the most of my writing time!

That’s why I came up with a plan…

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