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Writing Stuff Part 2: The Plan

The Plan… (continued from last weeks blog post).

My plan to be able to fit blog posts in amongst my day job, my kids, my writing, is very simple – stop trying. From now on I will just write blog posts about ANYTHING, whatever I feel like writing about and whenever I feel like writing it. That sounds fun! It doesn’t mean I wont go weeks without writing anyting, but it should help. I am going to stop thinking of my blog as something that gets in the way of writing, and I’m going to start thinking of it as what it is – writing in a format other than ‘book’.

I like my blog, I’m not going to give up on it, and I will continue to take inspiration from all you other bloggers out there who are being published as writers-in-a-format-other-than-book multiple times a week.

So here, as a start to me writing whatever, whenever, is a list of a few random blogs that I like to read, and you might too (if you don’t already).

  • Keris Stainton’s Author blog – I honestly cannnot comprehend how she finds the time to write books, be a Mum, write loads of blog stuff, AND seems to be on Twitter every time I log in!
  • Hannah Renowden’s blog – I like this blog because, like mine, Hannah’s blog doesn’t have much direction, she just writes on it from time to time, sometimes anecdotes, sometimes reviews, sometimes intricate little windows into her life.
  • Cupcakes For Clara – this is a great blog for me to read because it’s my wife’s one. She seems to do it so effortlessly (and FAST! I spend ages writing my crap posts, but she knocks out 3 in one evening and they piss all over mine). This is a great blog for me to catch up on the latest stuff that’s been going on in my house.
  • Thirst For Fiction – I treat Rhys’s review blog like my ‘Total Film Magazine’ for books. If there’s a recent/new/upcoming YA book that I want to know more about, T4F is always my first stop. And he’s only… I don’t know, fifteen or sixteen years old! Briliant stuff.

More of these kind of thingsĀ to come.

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