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The Worlds Best Ever Competioion in the World… Ever!

On Monday I wrote this (amazing) Tweet…

Which was accompanied by this photo…

Then someone replied with this…

@ oh i do! smoooth! Where are you? ladder, trolley, intense fire safety cards, round cornered bricks.....cant place it.
Hannah Renowden

Then I replied with this…

@ Ooh that would make a fun game! Guess where I am... (of course, I use the word 'fun' in the most inaccurate way possible)
Tom Clempson

And lo, the worlds greatest competition ever was born…

Try to figure out where I am from this picture. Closest/most interesting answer wins something dusty from my cellar!
Tom Clempson

Someone made this guess…

@ Look at all the fire extinguisher signs! Is it a recovery home for pyromaniacs? But there's a trolley, so it could be ASDA.
CJ Daugherty

And someone else made this guess…

@ Ladder and safety signs 'r' us?
Cethan Leahy

And I replied with things like…

Then another person made this guess…

@ Erk. I'd say Starbucks inside a Borders, but that will just show how long it's been since I was in the UK.
Monique Kowalczyk

And I was like…

And also…

@ But you said one if the winning words... 'Starbucks'!!!! Well done!!!
Tom Clempson

And now I’m like… great. Now I’ve got to pay the postage to send crap to Australia.

But hey! It’s not all bad. Keep your eyes peeled next week and you might be able to join in too (on Facebook AND Twitter! Oooooh!). Just try not to live in Australia, okay?

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