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The ULTIMATE List! (Kind of…)

Right, now that I have granted myself the freedom to blog about whatever the hell I feel like, I hope you have prepared yourself for something completley frickin’ wild and anarchic, because I can assure you I have totally let myself off the leash with this one. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I’ve covered everything you ever wanted to know from a 31 yr-old debut author of a coming of age comedy.

That’s right. I am blogging about my favourite cereals to eat straight from the bag with no milk. Hell yeah!

We have a 3 yr-old in the house, so our cereal cupboard is crammed with sugary crap, and since I have spent the past two weeks going through a dry-cereal-eating binge, I am now a fully qualified reviewer of dry cereals.

So, if you ever find yourself stuck in our house, with no other food, or milk, or bowl, and if you also happen to share my exact taste in food, you may wish to consult…


  • Cornflakes – These are okay, but are a bit blah after a few handfulls, plus they’re a bit sharp for my precious little mouth 6/10
  • Rice Crispies – These are also not great for eating in large volumes. Not exciting enough. I was uninspired to return for milti-scoops. 5/10
  • Golden Nuggets – These were very good. Good texture, good shape, not sharp, not too dry. My only complaint is that they are REALLY sweet. Good if you’re slobbing out in front of a movie, but for day-to-day gobbling I need something a little more savoury. 8/10
  • Malt Wheats/Shreddies – No, no, no! Unless you suffer from excess saliva, these are WAY too dry to eat without added wetness. 2/10
  • Cheerios – These are good. These are VERY good. They tick all the boxes. All the good bits of Golden Nuggets, but none of the bad. I thought they would be too sweet, but they’re actually not. Brilliant texture, easy to pile into the mouth in huge volumes, VERY more-ish, plus you can even increase the fun by separating the 4 different types of ‘O’. 10/10
  • Coco Pops – Not as good as I was expecting. Too crunchy, flavour doesn’t work very well without milk, very sweet. 6/10
  • Frosties – Much like the Cocoa Pops, I thought these would be a real contender, but again, these were a bit too crunchy, too sharp to shovel into your gob, and the flavour is nowhere near as good as when you milk them up. 7/10

We have a clear winner. Cheerios win hands down, closely followed by Golden Nuggets (for pudding). I’m going to get some right now.

The End.

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