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Last Week’s Tweets

  • ‘The Worlds Greatest Ever Competition in the World Ever’ (TM) will begin in a few minutes. Don’t miss your chance to win crap! #
  • 2 minutes until ‘The Worlds Greatest Ever Competition in the World Ever’! Tell your friends! #
  • 1st to Guess what’s in the bowl on her head, OR why she has the cold compress, wins some useless junk from my cellar! #
  • Join in! Guess what is in the bowl on Matilda’s head OR why she has the ice pack on her face & you could win junk! #
  • Someone is getting very close to winning my ‘What’s wrong with my daughter’s head?’ #competition Beat her to it if you want to #win #
  • We have a winner!!! Matilda got hit in the eye by her baby brother with a sippy-cup! Well done @Rose_Hatty ! #
  • PS it was dishwasher tablets in the bowl on her head (obviously)! #
  • Competition is now closed! Vikki Gordon won on Twitter thanks to her relentlessness! The answer was… Matilda… #
  • Oooh! Look! My 1st blog post for @ReadIt_andLaugh is up! #
  • Ooooh, lucky @Wstones_Arndale have got me signing on Saturday & (okay, so not that lucky, but…) @Keris next Saturday! #
  • Everybody come to Manchester Arndale Waterstones tomorrow please. I’ll be signing copies of my book ‘One Seriously… #
  • Self editing my adventure story. I hope I get this published because I REALLY want to write the sequels! #
  • On the tram to my book signing at @Wstones_Arndale Very excited that they have a coffee shop in store! #
  • “@sarahsreviews: 5 of 5 stars to One Seriously Messed-Up Week by Tom Clempson” That’s so awesome and it’s made my day! #
  • Had a really good day signing books at @Wstones_Arndale The staff there really are amazing! @Keris is in good hands for next week. #
  • Was very fortunate to meet @SteveCageauthor who was also signing at @Wstones_Arndale today. He may possibly be the book-signing king! #
  • 8.20 am and baby & @cupcakes4clara are still to surface! Enjoying the calm. It’s a pre-Christmas miracle! #
  • Goodness me! @sarahsreviews has made my day TWICE this weekend! I thought it was just a rating – didn’t see the review! #
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