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Last Week’s Tweets

  • I don't like bricks with rounded corners #
  • Try to figure out where I am from this picture. Closest/most interesting answer wins something dusty from my cellar! #
  • Hint: where I am is not the usual place to find trolleys, plus #amwriting #
  • I'm gonna need specifics! The place where I am is known the world over (maybe not Antactica) #win #dustycellarjunk #
  • Ok, we've had Costa, Morrisons, Cafe Nero, Asda… All v close, but not close enough. WHERE THE HELL AM I? #win (junk) #
  • Congratulations @Neeky78 for guessing my location – Starbucks!!! Would've also accepted Sainsburys. You win junk! #
  • If you didn't win my 'where am I?' comp. please stop crying. I've plenty more junk in my cellar to get rid of. We can play again next week! #
  • Q:
    RT >>“@Neeky78: @tomclempson WTF is the pissant ladder for???"
    RT >> "@Pillow_Puncher …that is an auto theft unit/alarm." #
  • Sorry Facebook followers! I just played an impromptu game of 'Where's Tommy?' on Twitter, and gave away some free… #
  • These are awesome!! RT“@cupcakes4clara: And Clara & Macy greetings cards…” #
  • I just came in from the shed and found this chunky mother on the back of my NECK!!! #
  • Trying to write, but I'm SO tired my eyes are closing whilst I'm writing (not because my book's boring!).Time for another coffee methinks. #
  • New blog post: The Worlds Best Ever Competioion in the World… Ever! (yes, competioion IS a real word) #
  • Check out the latest review of my book. 5 things wrong with Tom Clempson's book… #
  • Having a broken car is making me thinner!
    Not only do we have to walk/ cycle everywhere, but we also can't do the weekly food shop! #
  • I've finally rooted through my cellar for some crap to send the winner of 'The Worlds Greatest Competition in the World… Ever!' @Neeky78 #
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