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Last Week’s Tweets

  • Anyone want to swap a car that doesn't work for one that does? #
  • “@kaytea: Follow @cupcakes4clara she's having a giveaway at 500 followers. She has good stuff, I promise!” Damn. She's winning! 500?!! #
  • Daughter is sat on my knee, jigging to the music on Mr Maker, & says "I think I'm 28 now daddy, not 3 anymore." Laughed biscuit in her face. #
  • I wrote TWO blog posts last night (scheduled for Wed & Thu). Need to make up for 3 'Last Weeks Tweets' in a row. (guilty smiley face) #
  • A blog post, yes a GENUINE blog post, over at that place… the blog.

    'Writing Stuff' #

  • Was going to be signing at Manchester Arndale Waterstones tomorrow but, have postponed until 26th (can't compete with Noel Fielding!) #
  • Back at the day job this week. Not entirely unbookish though, as I'm working with @Sally_Nicholls aunt! #
  • CONGRATULATIONS ME! I just made the 100th comment on the @ReadIt_andLaugh funny list!
    I win a signed copy of my book!!! #
  • Where did it go? I found a proper bad review for my book via twitter, then came to add it to my 'reviews' page on my blog, & its gone! Huh?! #
  • Ooooooooh!!! RT >> “@WaterstonesWTB: In other news….it's only 41 days to Christmas.” #
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