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Last Week’s Tweets

  • After a day of almost non-stop sleeping yesterday, I almost feel not ill today. Woohoo! Thank you for all my ‘get well’s. #
  • And I made it on to @ciclovesbooks Top 10 Tuesday list! SO chuffed!!! Thanks Cicely! #
  • Thanks to a faulty oil gage I had the engine of my car blow up whilst in the fast lane of the M6! Bums bums bums… #
  • Awesome new review of One Seriously Messed-Up Week from the POV of a 16yr old boy @Heathlex456 @sisterspooky #
  • Why is my daughter the only one in her gymnastics class who crosses her eyes and sticks her tongue out every time she spots her daddy? #
  • Looks like having a dead car might help me on my way to losing 12lbs before Christmas (children are heavy!) #
  • On the other hand, eating 6 mince pies in one weekend might counterbalance that. #
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